Welcome to the new site!

Firstly, allow me to wish everyone a belated “Happy New Year”. I pray that your celebrations were memorable and, more importantly, provided a period for reflection of God’s grace and bountiful mercies.

Secondly, I wish to announce that all future content, including articles and audio podcasts, will be posted on this website. In the interim we will be continuing our monthly subscriptions and one-time donations (which are greatly appreciated and can be done now via the link in the menu above).

I’ve desired to write with regularity but time constraints have disallowed me from doing so. Hopefully with a rearrangement of scheduling, I’ll be able to post articles, short thoughts and audio files to this site with an increasing level of frequency (hopefully, daily).

Please pray for this new endeavor and I hope that you’ll share this resource with others.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new site!

  1. All true …. thank you for saying it like it is, always. With the movie, The Shack, coming out soon …. I hope you critique it also, Jio. We need this clear voice sounding out here.


  2. P.S. Love this new format and that we might hear more on Christian living topics in the future, as well as the apologetics. Thank you for all you do, all the time you give, all the research, Jio.


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