Christians, don’t be alarmed: Carrie Underwood doesn’t speak for God.

The controversy that has brewed over Louie Giglio’s decision to invite (or allow) Scripture denying, homosexual affirming Carrie Underwood to perform at Passion 2017 shouldn’t leave any conservative Christian in disbelief. Although many may question my sanity as I ask others not to panic over the incident, I implore the reader allow me the following lines to explain.

  1. We were warned about the onslaught of heretical doctrines long ago

During the first century, the apostles and the Christian church had to deal with the Gnostics, Nicolatians, Jewish Mystics and other false religions that twisted, decontextualized and negated various parts of the Scriptures in order to disseminate supposed “true knowledge” about God. Throughout the New Testament, the apostle’s reactions to these developments was not one of astonishment but of continual vigilance and warning other believers to beware of those damnable heresies.

It’s obvious why the church didn’t react with debilitating alarm, as many do today – the apostles expected the propagation of falsehood to occur because Christ warned His church such a thing would happen. (Luke 21:8, John 5:43, Matthew 7:15) Hence, if anyone is caught by surprise about the abandonment of sound doctrine it is because that person isn’t familiar with the Scriptural warnings about the practice and, in many cases, isn’t prepared to confront false doctrine. (2 Corinthians 10:4-6)

Please understand, I’m not saying that sacrilege shouldn’t outrage the Christian. What I am declaring is that angst is not the response to heresy. Unfortunately, this is the default reaction for many, especially within social media circles. Why?

Firstly, sensationalism. It’s the tactic the news media and other outlets use in order to glue an audience to the screen and/or page. Hence, if enough people are scandalized, it attracts views. Secondly, those that wish to promote a certain image about themselves. These people desire to demonstrate how caring and alarmed they are in order to flaunt their supposed “spirituality” to others.

The problem with both reactions is that mostly nothing is done to debunk the heresy. Some feel proud over the fact that they reacted to the news and leave it at that. Others use the headlines as clickbait to amass viewers.

What about taking to the Bible and communicating what it has to say on the matter without the added false emotionalism in order to expose the false doctrine for what it is? This leads me to my next point.

  1. There is no “confusion” about what the Bible has to say on homosexuality

I hate to disagree with the American Family Association’s analysis of the incident, but Carrie Underwood’s stance and Louie Giglio allowing her to perform at the conference isn’t causing “confusion” within “America’s young Christians”.

If any person wants to know what the Bible has to say explicitly on the matter of homosexuality, all they have to do is read its pages. Moreover, a quick and simple search engine result will enlighten the most ignorant among us. And therein lies the essential point: Again, there is no “confusion” about what the Scriptures have to communicate on the matter of homosexuality.

The truth is that the public already knows homosexuality is wrong. The problem for some is that they refuse to accept God’s law and actively seek to overturn it – as futile as the effort may be. Anyone that insists on not submitting to the Scriptural pattern as it pertains to sexual relationships (one man, one woman in matrimony) will actively attempt, in a plethora of ways, to convince others that the Bible shouldn’t be the final arbiter on the issue. Therefore, everything the Scriptures condemn is suddenly up for debate and even acceptable.

  1. Accepting Carrie Underwood’s version of the Bible says plenty about her and her followers

Reading Underwood’s 2012 comments about homosexual marriage makes it plain that she cares more about her singing career that being faithful to Christ. It has become evident that if any celebrity dares to embrace the Biblical line on “controversial” issues that they will be marginalized by the industry they represent. Through her actions, Underwood declared that she prefers fame and Mammon to Christ and denied Him as a result.

Now, if Underwood’s comments are truly reflective of her views and not a perfunctory answer so as to sidestep criticism and backlash, it’s doubly damnable because she becomes part of the group of so-called Christians that sow a seed of distrust against God’s infallible Word. Additionally, if her Christian fanatics (oxymoronic as that may be) accept the vocalist’s views, then they should no longer classify themselves as Christ followers because their god isn’t Jesus but a mere country singer.

  1. Christians should rethink their assisting Christian conferences and concerts

David Crowder’s performing with Underwood makes me wonder whether he was attempting to send a message through her involvement.

Modern singers and bands have been known to ostentatiously use their stage presence to perform differing levels of activism – implied or outspoken. I wouldn’t put it beneath him to do such a thing. (Please remember that Mr. Crowder vivaciously promoted the Emerging Church when it was enjoying a strong level of popularity and that he has admitted that “Passion’s always had social justice tied to worship…”. )

Lastly, if I were a Passion conference attendee (never going to happen), I’d question the Christian faithfulness and fortitude of Louie Giglio. In allowing these subversives a space in his pet project, he is not only sponsoring the current wave of shameless impiety against sound doctrine, Giglio is also capitulating to the world’s demands that the church stop being the church.

Funny how Giglio and his ilk run to podiums and bask in the crowd’s adulatory screams and applause – all for Jesus, or course. Yet, when it comes time to stop talking and begin acting like Christ, they showcase no part of Christ’s character.

Maybe it’s high time for Christians to stop flocking to the seminars, conferences, church services and concerts of talking heads and musicians whom are nothing more than pretenders, since they don’t speak for God – just like Jesus warned.

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