Feminism is Female Paganism in Disguise

If anyone has been confused about what feminism is all about, look no further than this past weekend’s events in Washington D.C. The so-called Women’s March was an exhibition of essential feminism: man-hating, sodomy, deification of infanticide, absolute ignorance and a complete repudiation of female modesty, chastity and nature.

Make no mistake, this is what Susan B. Anthony and Margaret Sanger have wrought. Hence, it is easy to understand what feminists mean when they state that they desire “equality” – it means that they wish to be pagans.

An explanation is in order. The female pagans of yore willingly offered their children for slaughter in exchange for a bountiful harvest. Others became “sacred prostitutes” of the goddesses.

However, modern female pagans are not satisfied with simply following in their ancestor’s reprobate footsteps. They need to outdo them. Therefore, today’s female pagans kill their children and prostitute their bodies for no other reason than to boastfully flaunt their sin. No consideration of harvests and false deities are necessary. (One has to understand that in order for a movement to be more callous and scandalous, standards have to be diminished somehow.)

Madonna? Ashley Judd? Charlize Theron? Gloria Steinem? Alicia Keys? Scarlett Johannsson? They’re the high priestesses of modern female paganism and promote it through the industries they represent respectively. Emma Watson? She’s a priestess in training (although one could argue that she is the stupidest of the bunch, which makes her highly qualified to be uber-high priestess).

The sycophantic crowds? Cult followers.

What about women who have retained their feminine nature and modesty and are being given a bad name by these pagans? I’d never thought I’d say this; it might be necessary for them to engage in a violent Crusade to eliminate this ever-growing occult movement.

Hey, I’ll provide the swords, shields, amour and popcorn.

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