What to do when the Left Riots

Conservatives in the United States are living proof that, as a culture, we’ve abandoned one of the central tenets of our once Christian culture – courage.

Many have been amazed with the constant, seemingly spontaneous (although they are anything but), violent protests waged by the Communist/Anarchist/Lazy Millennial nexus. Trump supporters have been seriously hurt at said “protests” (in truth, these manifestations are riots), businesses looted, property damaged and traffic impeded.

Meanwhile, conservatives have mostly responded by demonstrating their indignation on social media yet keeping silent about their conservatism in person. In essence, they’ve done nothing.

What sort of cowardice is this? If we claim to stand by the courage of our convictions, because those principles are based on the immutable counsel of God, why do we cower in fear? If these principles give life, why do we choose to disguise them?

Our ancestors and forerunners would be outraged at our pusillanimity and weakness. At least they can claim that they fought for what is moral and held that such valor was granted to them by Christian principles.

Take William Eaton as an example. The American Counsel to Tunis during the first Barbary War, Eaton lead a team of men through 600 miles of Libyan desert to accomplish two things: depose Muslim despot Yusuf Karamanli from the throne he wrongfully usurped from his brother Hamid and thereby secure the freedom of American merchants and navy men who were captured at sea and then brutally enslaved by Mohammedan pirates.

As Eaton and his men were gaining victory in Derne, Libya, bureaucrat and Consul General to the North African Coast Tobias Lear sent message to Eaton that the military campaign be terminated immediately. In the name of so-called peace, negotiated by Lear, the US would have to pay $60,000 as ransom to release the American captives. Also, Yusuf would keep the throne as well as Hamid’s wife and children in captivity.

Needless to say, the Barbary piracies continued as before.

Eaton was none too happy about Lear’s arranged “peace”. The deal was akin to a surrender even though America had been on the receiving end of the terrorism the Islamic pirates waged throughout the Mediterranean Sea for years.

This is what the rot of acquiescence, appeasement and retreat smells like and produces – a continuance of evil. Instead of facing the enemy, deposing him and counteracting his malevolence, such cowardice allows him to continue to operate unimpeded and plot more destruction.

Many conservatives will employ the following vacuous platitude to rebuff what I’ve written here: “We must remain civil and take the moral high ground”.

I ask, is keeping silent about one’s beliefs the “moral high ground”? If a woman is being beaten with a flag pole during a demonstration, is it “civil” to not come to her defense? Does the Left observe the rules of decency when it slanders, intimidates and terrorizes individuals and businesses into silence, thereby repressing the all-too-important truth that shows falsehood for what it is?

I am not advocating that conservatives initiate violent demonstrations. What I am promoting is a forceful apologetic in favor of what’s right and self-defense when we are aggrieved. If the circumstances necessitate our initiating a conversation about the truth in a public or private square, it needs to be done unequivocally, with the full force of substantiated facts and without the preoccupation of whether or not others will be “offended”. Furthermore, if an ideological opponent seeks to do violence to us simply because we voice what contradicts what he has espoused, we have a God-given right to defend ourselves. (Luke 22:36)

I’ve yet to hear a Christian or conservative who echoes the “moral high ground” argument lay down defenseless and allow a thief to plunder all of their possessions in the name of “civility”. I’ve yet to see a case of a victim not use a weapon of some sort to fend off attackers in the name of courteousness. This argument is insane and those that utter it don’t believe their own hogwash. Let’s call it what it is: a ludicrous justification for the fear they feel.

This characteristic pusillanimity of modernity also exposes itself in the unjustified and illogical dependence many Americans place on “safety and security” politicians. It occurred during the Nixon era and now again with Trump. Instead of being the guardians of their own liberties, as the Founding Fathers wrote that our Republican system of government is and ought to be, modern Americans have taken to thinking that politicians are the protectors of their freedom.

In essence, they abdicate their own responsibility to remain eternally vigilant and self-determining over their own liberties, handing it over to politicians who are too self-interested to do so. Hence, many conservatives have allowed themselves to be deceived, thinking that the ballot box is their salvation and not watchfulness and action.

There’s also another component that drives this fear: lack of prioritizing what’s important. The reason leftists yell “Boo!” and know it will deter conservatives, is because they know that many conservatives will head for their caves instead of yielding no ground. The reason: many of those people value money and conveniences over the principles and ethics they claim to esteem over everything else.

Mind you, it’s not as if leftists are more willing than conservatives to sacrifice everything. Understand that it doesn’t take any moral fiber to defend what it ethically wrong. Yet, defending what’s right, on many occasions, forces the person to choose between honoring principles versus honoring ephemeral conveniences and money.

If we really believe in what we assert, then we better start defending ourselves and unapologetically pronouncing the truth wherever we find ourselves – and loudly! God knows, we’ve allowed the godless contingent on the Left to drown our voices for too long.

One thought on “What to do when the Left Riots

  1. You Christians have, by and large, forced yourselves en mass to forget you are your Gods’ hands upon the earth and that you were meant by him to have your finger trained to battle, your hands to war.


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