Millennials Don’t Want to Grow Up

A report which was recently published by Census Bureau demographer Jonathan Vespa demonstrates that close to a third of American Millennials are living at home with their parents. Let’s call this what it is – a generation that refuses to mature, with parents whom are enabling their immaturity.

If one engages in a diligent study of classical history, it is easy to conclude that throughout the West (and portions of the East, specifically Israel) young men and women were expected and raised to become self-sufficient, responsible adults by, approximately, the age of 13. If one didn’t reach maturity by that age, that person would be considered a parasitical entity by society. It’s the reason the Jews have historically celebrated Bar-Mitzvahs, it’s the reason adolescents as young as 12 served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and the reason many preferred to work in factories or by their parents’ side instead of going to school (that is, before compulsory schooling was ruthlessly imposed throughout the States).

What the sensible reader – who is bewildered by 20 and 30-year-olds because of their characteristic intellectual weakness and lack of moral character – is sensing is the result of a seditious program, implemented long ago, meant to destroy the cultural tenets that sustained us for millennia.

For eons, the pattern established in the book of Genesis was the gold standard for life in the West – man leaves father and mother, joins his wife, they become one flesh, produce offspring, raise them properly and the cycle continues. (Genesis 2:21-25) As even reiterated by empirical studies (much of Charles Murray’s work comes to mind), the nuclear family has been a foundational institution for Western society.

Yet, from the Enlightenment philosophes on through the zealots of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the attacks against the divine institutions called marriage and the nuclear family hit their stride. Gone were the social demands that young men and women reach adulthood quickly so as to contribute constructively to society with good morals, a strong work ethic and responsible parenting. Instead, juvenility, with its inherent ignorance, petulant rebelliousness and irresponsibility, joined forces with promiscuity to become the new norm. The results? Millions of abortions and single-parent homes, increased fatherlessness and high divorce numbers.

Some will rejoin by pointing to reports that claim that the reason adolescents are delaying adulthood is due to their desire to complete “higher education” before “settling down”, as if already dilapidated social conditions aren’t proof enough of an insistent problem. Still, these people fall on their own sword due to the fact that even after graduation, the average pupil is burdened with approximately $30,000 of debt (not including interest!). Furthermore, most graduates are unable to find work that matches their diploma credentials. (All the more reason to bypass studying Filmmaking and Feminist Studies at a major university.) Lastly, even with a degree, Millennials are making less than their parents did at their age with less “studies”.

Folks, let’s cut through the haze of intelligence insulting excuses. The economic conditions and expectancy of “higher education” are mere excuses, meant to disguise the fact that these should-be adults prefer to delay maturation because they revel in infantile and debauched behavior. Additionally, their Baby Boomer and Gen X parents are enabling this conduct because they subsidize every part of their children’s lives. The mortgage, food, car insurance, health insurance and even entertainment dollars are all paid for by the parents without ever giving little Johnny an ultimatum: “Leave the house and make your own way or choose to sleep on the sidewalk”.

In the end, these children (figuratively speaking) never gain initiative or perseverance, never learn to deal effectively with even the slightest of adversities and will always be dependent on others for their sustenance. That’s what 12-plus years of eight-hour-a-day schooling does (as John Taylor Gatto says, there’s a difference between schooling and education). That’s what never being taught the value hard work, helping others and being humble does. That’s what never being disciplined to correct character flaws does. That’s what being coddled from the cradle does. It creates smug, belligerent, entitled ignoramuses who engorge their already vacuous minds with silly and rancid entertainment and rancid pop culture all day.

Who would of thought that a Toys R’ Us jingle would turn out to be prophetic in nature:

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us kid…

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