Fast Food Consumers are Killing the Family

According to the USDA, for the first time ever, American households are eating out more and consuming “on demand” (fast) food than cooking and eating at home. While many have accepted the revelation as a mere indicator of changing eating and grocery shopping habits, I see a much grimmer picture: the nuclear family is experiencing a precipitous decline.

For hundreds of years, a cornerstone of Western life was the sanctity of the home and how family matters were conducted within it. During the time, eating as a family was standard procedure and a central practice which encouraged domestic cohesion via intimate interaction. Furthermore, eating a home cooked meal, prepared by the practiced hands of the homemaking mother, was seen as an act of amalgamation, selflessness, care and independency via skill.

These and other important considerations were signs of a healthy family life and industriousness. Yet, the aforementioned high standards have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience, secular modernity’s cult.

This is curious, considering that persons of the past had less time than modern society does for frivolous diversions, yet, our ancestors always made time for things that are truly important, such as family unity and churchgoing. In other words, they properly prioritized. Nowadays, the public is so entranced by superficiality and expediency that they claim they have no time at all, even to prepare a home cooked meal for their family.

The truth is plainly evident: these lying lemmings have time, they just choose to waste it on stupidities such as interminably checking their Facebook feeds or binge-watching television programming on Netflix instead of protecting family life and engendering a spirit of virtue within it.

All in all, the old maxim turns out to be true in more ways than one: “You are what you eat”.

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