Google proves, once more, that it is what it says it isn’t: Evil

Appearances can be deceiving. Hence, it’s the primary reason the secular Left has employed lies peppered with sentimentalism in order to advance Cultural Marxism. Smokescreens are the only way they can advance their seditious agenda, otherwise, by speaking the truth about their ideas adherents would be hard to come by.

By and large, the stratagem has worked, as evidenced in this instance by the reactions many perpetually offended social justice warriors within and outside Google have proffered to a 10-page denunciation of the company’s ideological bent.

Please notice that the squirming minions who claim to be the most tolerating, “open-minded”, inclusive and unbigoted individuals on the face of the earth have demonstrated as much by penning the following responses to the open letter and its revelations:

“That garbage fire of a document is trash and you are wonderful coworkers who I am extremely lucky to work with.”

“If HR does nothing in this case, I will consider leaving this company for real for the first time in five years.”

“It [the memo] contains a series of what I can only describe as sexist twaddle, wrapped in the undeserved protection of free speech. (Hey bros who don’t agree, that’s just my opinion, so you’ll have to take it because … First Amendment and all!)”

“Some male techies don’t seem to like women around computers.”

What was James Damore’s (the memo’s author) cardinal sin which seemingly triggered these childish and exhibitionist responses? He dared question the corporation’s racial and biological employment quotas as well as rebuking the company for intentionally repressing employees who espouse conservative principles.

In a level-headed society, the man’s memorandum wouldn’t cause shock and awe (although much of this indignation is fabricated, due to the fact that many people publicly feign outrage so as to demonstrate how supposedly honorable they are). Instead, it would trigger vigorous debate. Not so, since we are not living within a society of reasonable people. In truth, persons of common sense are outnumbered by dimwits, ignoramuses and infantile minds whose sense of entitlement and hedonism exceed the desire to adhere to truth and virtue. This is why they are easy prey for the demagogues of the social justice cult.

Of further importance here is what this concocted scandal intends to hide.

Firstly, it would behoove us to remember that Google is an inherently immoral company. The software giant whose supposed motto is “Don’t be Evil”, seems to specialize in it. Remember that Google has operated as a virtual backdoor for US intelligence services, providing the government access to user’s information at the expense of citizen’s privacy. Google has also been among the worst privacy violators during the Information Age, secretly collecting data so as to sell it to other intrusive third-parties. It has also been discovered that the execs at the corporation sought to tilt the 2016 presidential election towards Hilary Clinton by manipulating search engine results and tracking voter’s online behavior. Added to all of this depravity is their public veneration of terrorists, support for regressive “Net Neutrality” rules and continuing censorship of conservative individuals and organizations who employ the company’s services like YouTube.

Therefore, even if Google attempts to paint itself as unprejudiced and respectful of all opinions (even though James Damore’s views cost him his job, proving that Google’s declarations are nothing more than turgid prose), their track record proves otherwise.

Secondly, considering all of this evidence, I ask myself why Damore would choose to work at a company that has continuously demonstrated a lack of moral judgment. The answer is rather obvious: the attractiveness of working at Google seems to have been of more importance than adhering to principles and thus preserving his dignity. It’s akin to a person who gives a full throated endorsement to the pro-life cause but chooses to work at Planned Parenthood due to the so-called recognition attached to the company name. While this consideration may not and shouldn’t nullify much of Damore’s writing nor diminish value of his disseminating it, it still leaves plenty of questions pertaining to personal character.

Lastly, let us not forget that there are two primary reasons Damore lost his job: He exposed Google’s hypocrisy (as already noted) and demonstrated why the modern movement which pretends to abolish “inequality” actuality propagates more of it.

Think upon it, dear reader; the company potentially dismissed a highly qualified programmer to meet the illogical demands of rabid feminism and because it is a man and a self-denominated conservative who carried these opinions. Isn’t that sexist and intolerant in and of itself? So much for diversity.

It’s time to reconfigure Google’s motto. It should be “We are the devil incarnate – but using the world wide web as a pretext”.

Postscript: I personally advise readers that have employed Google’s services and products to abandon their usage due to the reasons delineated above and a documented history of abuses by the company. As safe alternatives, I suggest DuckDuckGo as a search engine, Tor or Opera browsers to peruse the internet (specifically in “Private Mode”), a suitable VPN (virtual private network) like ZenMate and ProtonMail as a private and encrypted email service. All these solutions provide a suitable level of privacy and protection for users whilst avoiding the censorship and intrusions giant corporations like Google routinely engage in. (Full disclosure: I am not paid by any of these companies to promote their services. I use their products at a personal level and recommend them for their effectiveness.)

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