The Left’s Monopoly on Violence

Adherents of leftist hate groups, such as Black Lives Matter, La Raza and Antifa continually engage in violent uprisings in order to instigate the “change” they demand. As a defense, we’ve heard Marxist politicians, activists and other assorted demagogues use carefully selected terminology in order to excuse and endorse said violence. Such intentionally ambiguous speech is meant to fool the undiscerning and meant to  protect the rabble-rousers themselves from prosecution for inciting violence.

The culprits are wide ranging: white privilege, racism, Donald Trump, “right-wing” hate groups, economic repression, male patriarchy and other assorted pretexts. Still, the common denominator continues to be that leftist groups perform violence and are excused for it because someone else (specifically “right-winders”) caused them to engage in it.

As a result, left-leaning media outlets such as MSNBC, CNN and other propaganda machines continually search for the proverbial boogie-man on which to pin all of this hatred and subsequent turmoil. Yesterday’s atrocities in Virginia fit the bill. Count on the media in the ensuing days to continue to milk this story and, at the same time, continue to provide cover for Marxist hate groups by portraing the neo-Nazis as being from the “Right”.

However, let’s take a step backward in order to discover evidence that the Left’s main talking point is without merit and dangerous.

This weekend’s events notwithstanding, I ask the reader to identify the number of instances in which neo-Nazis and white supremacists took to the streets in order to protest, with the demonstrations producing destroyed property, massive amounts of people hurt and even police maimed. The truth is still being sorted out about the Friday night and Saturday afternoon protests in Charlottesville. But before this weekend’s incidents, to whom are attributable the continuing assassinations of police officers, the shooting of Steve Scalise and other Republicans, the Dallas, Texas police massacre, the burning of buildings at college campuses and the Democratic party coordinated and instigated riots at Trump rallies?

Has everyone also forgotten about the constant tumults and destruction unleashed by Occupy Wall Street? What about Obama’s and Pelosi’s implicit endorsement of said group? Didn’t Obama state that those in his administration were “on their side”? Pelosi blurted out a “God bless them…” and claimed that their “focus on Wall Street” was justifiable.

God forbid that someone interprets my words to mean that I am defending neo-Nazism, white supremacy or any similar ideology which runs contrary to Christianity and conservative principles. The point I’m attempting to make is simple: the data confirms that the Left riots, pillages and mutilates and yet are defended by their apologists and agitators, while the true Right engages in substantive debate and are made to appear as if they incite the Left into a state of anarchy.

Marxists always want both sides of the proverbial coin. They desire to foment revolution but do all they can to deflect blame for the collateral damage of their insurrection.

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