Everyone is playing the Alt Game

I had the intention of posting an article about another topic altogether, but the disingenuous reactions to Trump’s latest declarations require our attention, scrutiny and even denunciation.

Critics from both the Right and Left have taken to their respective outlets in order to wag their sanctimonious fingers at Trump. Ben Shapiro, over at his own website, claims that Trump is legitimizing the Alt-Right through his latest declarations on the events in Charlottesville. The industrialized Marxist propaganda machine known as the mainstream media, on the other hand, continue to undertake their own Inquisition against the president in hopes of either removing him from office via scandal or by slowly draining his support so that he won’t see office again in 2020. This tactic is made plain by the fact that the press coverage is one where Trump can do no right and if he does something right no credit is given him.

In like manner, Trump’s initial statement wasn’t enough for both sides, even though it explicitly rebuked hatred in any of its political manifestations. Conservatives have claimed it wasn’t enough of a scolding of white nationalists and neo-Nazis and have bent over backwards in an attempt to reject any connection with the Alt-Right. One has a feeling that these denials are nothing more than posturing in order appease the Left’s ire and preempt their linking conservatives to racist ideologies (as well as protecting their moneyed interests). Yet these are the same conservatives who continually lecture others on the need to resist the Left’s ploys. Moreover, persons such as Ben Shapiro know full well that not all who participated in the protests are of the Alt-Right persuasion, neo-Nazis or white supremacists.

This is an essential point made by president Trump during his press conference yesterday. Reports within independent media prove that many persons joined the protests from far and wide only to show solidarity with the idea that history, no matter how grisly, should be preserved.

One wonders how principled some of these prominent conservative commentators are when even they are criticizing Mitt Romney for his condemnatory and over-generalized remarks about the Alt-Right whilst whitewashing the customary racism and violence perpetrated and generated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. If Romney deserves disapprobation for his generalizing comments, then Ben Shapiro and those like him should know better than to paint with a broad brush. (We could include the posturing of politicians like McCain, Kasich, Rubio and Ros-Lehtinen within the same vein. However, clear-thinking folk know that these demagogues grandstand in a manner they think is consistent with whatever will score them political points.)

Discussing Trump’s original remarks, once again, the Leftist media were driven into a frenzied state over the fact that the president did not mention white nationalists, the Klu Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by name – that is, exclusively. It was evident that Trump shouldn’t reproach Antifa and BLM, which appeared at Charlottesville to intentionally cause a raucous. This is due to the fact that the media and these terror groups are all ideologically aligned Leninists. Hence, they, like Mitt Romney, are covering for the criminality and treason of said groups (although, one is justified in assuming that Romney published his remarks in order to appease the wrath of Leftists everywhere, which demonstrates his cowardice).

This is all made evident by the defense Marxist apologists throughout the press and other outlets are offering in favor of Antifa and BLM, stating that one cannot morally compare the white nationalists and neo-Nazis to the thugs who associate with Antifa and BLM.

Now, Trump is deserving of reproach as well. It is evident that he succumbed to political pragmatism and the pressure exerted by the propagandistic press as he denounced only the KKK, neo-Nazis and white nationalists, when his original declaration made clear that both supremacy groups and the racism they promote are worthy of condemnation.

If Trump believed that this singular act would appease the Left, he’s more spineless and foolish than I thought. He should have learned long ago that no matter what he does, they’ll insist on slandering him. After his secondary remarks, the media shifted the narrative to “the president took too long to denounce the white racists”. These same declarations led conservative media to lose their collective heads, due to the calling out of neo-Nazis but withholding the mention of the other Marxist, racist supremacy groups BLM and Antifa.

These series of events seemingly culminated yesterday as Trump included a condemnation of the Alt-Left and their penchant for aggression and inciting tumults. Expectedly, the media went berserk because Trump exposed what they have continued to suppress, the fact that Antifa/BLM are domestic terror groups being presented as conciliatory civil rights activists. It was all too predictable that all of the pundits disguised as reporters and other agitating talking heads would take their turn on television and in print verbally assaulting Trump, his staff and followers as card carrying members of the KKK.

The grandstanding, sanctimony and exhibitionism from all sides has led me to ponder about Trump’s own penchant for arguing both sides of the coin. It reared its ugly head during the height of the media-driven drama about Congress’ attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare (superficially, as we know that the legislation Republicans were working on was nothing more than a restructuring of the Affordable Care Act). As Republicans failed to pass anything meaningful, Trump vacillated in his messaging, claiming at different times that he would allow ObamaCare to implode on its own, call for repeal-only legislation and vociferate loudly that a repeal and replace plan was the only viable option. The same sort of equivocation occurred here.

The point is that there’s an awful lot of showboating occurring. Therefore, it would be in our best interests to classify this entire spectacle as Alternative Politics. Better yet, Alternating Politics.

Relevant Side Note: It would be more prudent next time for the president to unwaveringly hold the line. It appears to me that Trump has been informed about the complexities and details surrounding the Charlottesville incident, due to his alluding to some of them during his press conference yesterday. Yet, since his lexicon is so poor, he has trouble deconstructing the media perpetrated falsehoods. In this case, his initial condemnation was appropriate and he should have stood by it, being that it efficiently encapsulated a condemnation of all the evil that was executed. The statement denounced the racism of the neo-Nazis and BLM, while observing that not everyone who was protesting the eventual removal of the Robert E. Lee statue is a white supremacist or was there to incite furor.

Hopefully, Trump will have learned the lesson that appeasement isn’t the answer, especially when one knows that those who demand that you placate their irrational demands also desire your destruction. Then again, Trump has a proclivity for pragmatism. The Art of the Deal, remember?

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