Don’t be Fooled: Trump Wants Amnesty for the Dreamers!

Unfortunately, it took Trump almost eight months to announce that he would rescind Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), even though he promised on the stump to do so on the first day he took office. While many within his base are celebrating, I, for one, am piqued due to the fact that Trump is signaling that he essentially supports amnesty for the so-called “Dreamers” (how’s that for a political euphemism?). An explanation is in order.

Remember that ten states threatened to sue the Trump administration for continuing to allow DACA to stand. Knowing that the order would likely be struck down in federal court, Trump decided to announce that the program would be phased out during a six-month period. Soon after the announcement, Trump took to social media demanding that Congress “legalize” DACA – in essence, endorsing the notion that the program ought to be codified into law via the legislative branch.

If Trump is against amnesty, why would he demand Congress take up the issue? Why not end DACA permanently and enforce existing immigration law?

It becomes clear that Trump favors granting amnesty to the more than 800,000 illegals. In essence, he takes his voters for fools by trying to give the impression that he fulfilled a campaign promise in partially ending Obama’s order, yet demonstrating that he approves of the core of the order (which is amnesty) by asking it be achieved through congressional channels instead of a presidential decree.

This is a massive insult to the American public’s intelligence. Remember that both he and the Republican Party attempted to pull the same wool over the voter’s eyes during the deliberations over ObamaCare’s future, calling it a “repeal and replace” package when, in fact, the intentionally misnamed American Health Care Act did none of those things. This is outright evil, conniving, malicious and manipulative. Recall too that Trump used the agony of parents who lost their children to criminals who were covered under DACA on the campaign trial to garner votes, peddling the idea that he would unwaveringly enforce US immigration laws and protect American interests.

Personally, I hope these developments awaken Trump loyalists to the fact that he is playing politics with their lives and votes. Additionally, it is important to note that Trump seeks to placate a group that hates him and his policies and are Democratic voters waiting in the wings. Also, it wasn’t they who placed in him power to represent their interests, it was the American electorate. Now, as it pertains to the matter of DACA itself, a word is in order and I will write as a Christian and an American citizen.

Firstly, my mind and heart cannot tolerate a sense of entitlement. I detest it when anyone thinks themselves deserving of favors or special consideration. This attitude is an affront to Christly humility. However, this haughty claim to privilege is the same being displayed by many of the so-called “Dreamers” and their apologists who demand the rights and benefits of citizenship without having done anything to earn it. In fact, if their attitude were different, one of meekness and gentleness, one could assume that many Americans would willingly grant them an almost immediate reprieve.

However, this arrogance in the face of their blatant violation of law is both reprehensible and callous. The lack of consideration from this group and the political class (Republican, Democrats and pundits) for the law and American citizens, their national hosts and bosses respectively, is astounding. I ask the reader if it is fair for law breakers to be rewarded with access to the domestic labor market, essentially supplanting the native-born population for jobs. Older Americans notwithstanding, 15% of younger Americans are unemployed and 31% underemployed because many businesses prefer to hire the cheaper labor offered by illegals. Numerous Americans are required to pay a high level of taxes on income, sales and assorted other items they need, while illegals continue to evade such fiscal obligations, all while receiving federal benefits that many citizens are unable to obtain. Where’s the justice in this unfair arrangement?

The other wickedness obfuscated by conversations surrounding the supposed helpless “children” (the median age of DACA beneficiaries is between 25-36) is the ethnocentrism displayed by Hispanics, including Christians and non-Christians alike. Several of those demanding amnesty are racists, harboring animosity towards the native-born population who graciously allowed them into the country. Many of their loudest voices are anxiously and loudly anticipating the day when a demographic annihilation occurs in the US, with Hispanics outnumbering Whites within the country. Yet, all of this ill will, malevolence and social engineering is intentionally repressed by the press whom advances an emotive narrative surrounding the circumstantial plight of “Dreamers” (including the high number of DACA recipients who commit fraud and other crimes aside from entering the country illegally).

Illegal immigration must be stopped and even legal immigration halted for the sake of the country’s future. In reality, all of this “diversity” is pulling apart the American fabric, leaving us with a “house divided” and a fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24:7 which foretells a worldwide struggle between different ethnicities. (The English phrase “nation shall rise against nation” is translated from the Greek phrase “ethnos egeirō epi ethnos”. If one interprets the passage through the lens of the definition of the term ethnos, from which the word ethnicity is derived, then the passage clearly alludes to the internal struggles within nations due to tribal groups being in conflict with one another.)

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