How to Debate False Teachers Pt.2

Some time ago I published the beginnings of an exchange between myself and a local pastor who’s individual’s Facebook post sought to normalize the idea that the Christian ought to self-censor the truth and refrain from joining a “faction in defense of an ideal”. To Biblical Christians who are familiar with Jesus’ character and teachings, such notions are not only ridiculous but an affront to Christ and his commands.

I promised at the end of that article to publish the subsequent debate with the intention of demonstrating to the brethren who wish to confront the demagogues in our midst what they ought to expect when doing so.

After having appealed to the Scriptures in order to contradict this sophist’s falsely altruistic piece, he responded with the following words (verbatim):

“Thank you for sharing [your views]. You described my heart correctly, basically, I do not know you, we’ve never sat down to talk, NEVER, a judgment of wisemen…May the Lord bless you…”

“And to those whom defend the north American Constitution, three of my uncles went to war, my brother-in-law, my cousin [were all] active soldiers and participated in these latest conflicts (Iraq/Afghanistan)…My father worked for the federal government all his life…I was born an American, I lived the experience of seeing this nation’s “black hand” which trampled a Hispanic people, Puerto Rico, leaving behind a great cancerous index after having practiced military bombings in a semi-populated island (Vieques) which today disappears without being mentioned or remunerated…but, I speak crazily…God bless…”

“I didn’t find Arpaio guilty, the court, this country’s judicial system found him culpable after being warned over his ‘profiling’ practices…that of persecuting people simply because of the color of their skin of physical appearance…I believe that this is [prohibited] by the Constitution of this country, something that applies to all and not only to citizens…Is an American judge who is of Mexican descent incapable of applying the law justly? But, I speak crazily…”

The judicious reader will have noticed that the so-called preacher never attempted to address the substance of my original reply (republished here) – a typical tactic employed by mendacious charlatans and those who have never taken the time to reconcile their views. He also used sarcasm, simple denials, an allusion to his family’s military history, an appeal to his father’s highly compensated work for the feds, a distortion of the US’s treatment towards Puerto Rico, a subjective and politically correct stance against profiling, a misrepresentation about the Arpaio case and even a misrepresentation of my views in an attempt to give the impression that he responded substantively.

For the reader’s consideration, my response:

“You’re correct in asserting that you’re speaking “crazily”. Your sarcastic reply not only falls short in refuting what I wrote, it attempts to distract from the essence of it. In other words, you did not respond directly to the substance of what I wrote. Nevertheless, I’ll respond to each of your retorts systematically.

Firstly, how is it possible for you to say that you do not know me? I am Pastor Jesus Martinez’s son, pastor of Living Word Church (Miami, FL), the same church which you assisted for many years before leaving due to personal issues. How can you claim that we “never” spoke? You can deny it all you want, yet you know in your heart that what I claim is true and that there are witnesses to confirm my declarations.

Secondly, you prove one of the things that I wrote you originally – you’ve adopted arguments which emanate from leftism. This is made evident by the fact that you make mention of the US’s supposed “black hand” towards Puerto Rico, omitting key facts, facts that would take readers to adopt a different conclusion than the one you wish for them to adopt. You did not mention that 22,000 acres of the island (more than two-thirds of the island) were purchased by the United States government and that only 8,000 of them were used to practice bombings and other crucial operations for domestic defense. It is true that a security guard [accidentally] lost his life in 1999 due to a bombing, but it was an isolated incident. No other civilian lost his life during the more than 60 years of practices. Furthermore, when you state that the practices caused cancer in the island’s residents, it is pure propaganda advanced by the Puerto Rico Independence Party and Worker’s Socialist Movement, both leftist organisms (the same groups which are demanding that the United States confer all of the benefits of [American] citizenship to Puerto Ricans without having the Puerto Ricans assume the responsibilities that American citizens shoulder, such as income taxes and other obligations).

In the end, the United States freely gave all of the land it had legally acquired to Puerto Rico after having put an end to the military exercises during George W. Bush’s administration in 2003. “Black Hand”? To the contrary, Puerto Ricans should thank the United States for the free land!

Lastly, do you know who it was that brought charges against Arpaio for “profiling”? Obama’s Department of Justice under Eric Holder – a political persecution due to the fact that Arpaio ignored Obama’s mandate that local law enforcement ignore federal immigration laws which, as a result, allowed illegals to continue violating the law. Remember that you insinuated that Arpaio and Trump are motivated by racism even though what Arpaio implemented locally was to counteract increased drug trade and the increased presence of Hispanic gangs within Maricopa County. But like many others, you view [the pardon] as an attack against Hispanics instead of seeing it as it should be seen, the law being applied equally to all.

Your rhetorical question which employs an anecdotal Mexican descended judge is illegitimate due to the fact that there are hundreds of judges whom act as judicial activists instead of just judges.

Remember that as a Christian one must judge with righteous judgment and not according to appearances. (John 7:24)”

Almost immediately after I crafted this response and posted it, this “pastor” not only erased it but also blocked my original reply along with his deflective comments, leaving no trace of the conversation between us. He also blocked me, my father and mother from being able to access his page, which is still accessible to the rest of the public.

It is my feeling that at reading my mention of his past, he moved to have it expunged due to the fact that those who congregate under him don’t have a clue about his ignoble background and he wishes to keep them in the dark about it.

Hence, this incident can be used by the reader as a microcosm of the malicious tactics used by false teachers when they are confronted with the truth and denounced for attempting to repress it. At least I can say that the individual I challenged is consistent: He teaches Christians to censor the truth because he practices the same.

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