Trump’s Right. Boycott the NFL.

Trump is craftier than most people are willing to admit. Behind the veneer of feeble language – which some misjudge as evidence that he is an imbecile – he demonstrates a proclivity for playing both sides of the political spectrum. Yet, even with that astuteness, he often manages to proclaim the truth which many wish to omit or cowardly desist from speaking out loud. It is in this vein that Trump has effectively given voice to what many are thinking about professional sports, their ignorant athletes and their sanctimonious and ignorant public stances.

During a campaign rally for incumbent senator Luther Strange in Alabama, Trump deviated off-script (as he often does) to loquaciously appeal to the attendees’ patriotism by denouncing the NFL’s tolerance for its players kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner. (Do remember that this entire charade was commenced by Colin Kaepernick, the now unemployed quarterback who latched on to the racist Black Lives Matter motif in an attempt to self-servingly salvage his career.)

Although I will not repeat the president’s uncouth remarks verbatim, he called for the owners of NFL teams to fire players who protest the national anthem and if they didn’t, the public should boycott the league. The idea was met with a resounding shout of approbation from the crowd. Conversely, the comments sent the leftist media into a self-induced panic attack, the likes of which has not been seen since election night 2016.

Almost immediately the propagandistic mass media took to their respective outlets to find influential persons who would speak out against the president with the intention of creating a false impression that Trump is being universally condemned. Yet, as expected, most news outlets intentionally omitted publishing voices who approve of Trump’s assessment.

Among the most notable denouncers are NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (who, ironically, is a personal friend of Trump’s) and the NFL Players Association. (This objection is somewhat apart from the foolish criticism the president received from LeBron James for justifiably refusing to extend an invitation to another self-interested, smug, racist, dope-head buffoon to the White House, Stephen Curry. One wonders if these same demagogues would have criticized Obama in the same manner. Also, why is it that they are irate that Trump is commenting on pro sports if they were the ones who chose to venture into politics with their public stances in the first place?)

Among the most intelligence insulting and equally telling rebuffs to the president’s remarks are Goodell’s and Kraft’s. Goodell stated the following:

“Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.”

Almost as if Kraft copied and pasted Goodell’s politically correct and perfunctory statement, but using different terminology, he claims:

“I am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the President on Friday. I am proud to be associated with so many players who make such tremendous contributions in positively impacting our communities. Their efforts, both on and off the field, help bring people together and make our community stronger.

There is no greater unifier in this country than sports, and unfortunately, nothing more divisive than politics. I think our political leaders could learn a lot from the lessons of teamwork and the importance of working together toward a common goal. Our players are intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply about our community and I support their right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impactful.”

Allow me to capture the essence of the preceding words for you, dear reader. What Goodell and Kraft were really attempting to say with their underhanded sophistry is the following:

 “We will defend our product vigorously and couldn’t care less about the important principles many of our players are trampling upon, because at the end of the day, the only thing we care about is money. Damned be principles, Old Glory and what that flag stands for if they threaten the bottom line. Also, we are attempting to bury how reprehensible and delinquency-inclined our players are under the lie that they are model citizens and affect the so-called communities positively. Please discount the likes of Aaron Hernandez, Michael Vick, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Bennett, Darren Sharper, Greg Hardy, Jameis Winston and the litany of other players who have been arrested for DUI, drug and domestic violence-related offenses. Lest we forget, have the decency not to mention the copious amounts of fornication and adultery our players undertake behind the scenes and do misremember (using Roger Clemens’ terminology) the amount of on-field cheating and mass drugging our teams commit. Additionally, it behooves us not to mention that all of our players are contractually required to participate in charitable deeds so as to give the league and our players a good name, no matter how reprobate they are in private.

The line Kraft used about sports being a ‘unifier’ is a load of kabuki. Everyone knows the divisiveness that pro sports can engender, especially if they’ve ever attended a pro sports game and had to sit in an uncomfortable, overpriced seat next to an opposing team’s inebriated rabid fans.

Lastly, fans, please come to the games or watch them on television, at least. Yes, we understand that we’re siding with our conceited players over you, the people who fund this entire, almost tax-free, multi-billion-dollar farce. But you have to understand our conundrum: we fear the organizing abilities of leftist groups like Black Lives Matter more than the ire of patriotic patrons. Therefore, please allow us to have the best of both worlds by giving us your money while our corrupt organization offends your moral sensibilities and lectures you about how racist and oppresive you and your country are.


The NFL commish and related persons” 

I hope I was able to appropriately interpret and condense the essence of the statements for you, although an argument can be made that the NFL’s extreme hubris is condensed in a simple phrase contained within Goodell’s response: Trump’s “…comments…demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL”.

“Respect for the NFL”? That is as laughable as it is patronizing. This from the man who heads one of the most corrupt organizations on the face of the earth. What about respect for the fans? What about respect for morality, decency and one’s country, something many NFL officials and players routinely violate. I agree with Trump: it’s time to boycott the NFL the way they’ve chosen to boycott sound ethics.

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