Escaping Escapism

Studies demonstrate that Americans spend approximately 5 hours and 35 minutes watching television and 5 hours using their smartphones each day. When asked why they take up almost all of their waking hours starting at a screen, respondents claim that doing so grants them an “escape” from life.

If one was ignorant of the fact that the US is one of the most affluent, technologically advanced, convenience-minded societies on the face of the earth, this answer would give the impression that everyday living is harsh and dreary. I cannot be the only person to see the irony here. Or, is it possible that something darker is at play?

Consider that modern entertainment (or distraction mediums) specializes in distorting reality. It does this by making reality appear moribund in comparison to the euphoria inspired by the surreal, ultra-sensationalized content found in movies, video games and music. Stated differently, contemporary entertainment seeks to desensitize us to reality.

Is it any wonder why we are surrounded by persons whom prefer to “tune out” real life through their headphones, smartphones and various other digital media? Hence, life is great but we still need an “escape”.

Yet, what does this world many escape to consist of? Lust, displays of brutal violence, vanity, avarice, pride, frivolity and nihilism. This is more of an indulgence of libertinism than an escape.

How can the reader assure himself of keeping an intimate relationship with the beautiful, edifying natural world? It begins by understanding that the Good Lord created this space for His glory and our ultimate benefit and enjoyment. (Revelation 4:11; Matthew 5:45) Therefore it behooves us to be as analog as possible.

Technology – more specifically, the digital kind – must be approached with a utilitarian mindset, meaning, using it and controlling it for morally advantageous purposes only. Anything beyond that and we risk falling prey to the ideology of escapism. Secondly, make it a habit of undertaking as many natural activities as possible without the electronic appendages.

Reconnecting with the real world is within reach. All that is required is pressing the power button.

One thought on “Escaping Escapism

  1. Great article. It’s true; many are trying to enter the western world that western people are trying to escape from. Let me out!


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