2 Things the Jussie Smollett “Hate Crime” Hoax Proves

#1. The Leftist mainstream media aren’t interested in impartially covering truly substantive stories, only “news” that advances a particular narrative

What does the vilification of the Covington Catholic Boys and the non-existing Trump supporters that lynched and bleached Jussie Smollett have in common? Both incidents were given extensive coverage by the media and sold to the public as representative cases of the systematic racism Donald Trump inspires in his followers. Except when the truth began to surface, the press ran for cover, refusing to rectify the record and disseminate that the Covington boys didn’t instigate racist dissension at the National Mall and that Smollett staged the attack for reasons I’ll delineate below.

In essence, the American press has morphed into a professional slandering, calumnious, defamatory machine. It sics its minions within the public sphere (social media trolls, Antifa and the rest of the violent cabal) towards the innocents they paint a target on.

Worse still are how these cowards destroy reputations and endanger the physical wellbeing of their prey and when called to account for their false testimony, use the First Amendment as an excuse or play coy with respect to their evil machinations. Freedom of the press is no excuse to vilify those with which one disagrees. At this point, it behooves all Americans to be suspicious of anything emanating from any anchorman’s lips.

#2. Smollett’s perpetration is proof positive that the “hate crimes” category needs to be abolished from the law books

For decades legislators advanced the specious idea that a new designation needed to be added to criminal law so as to deter would-be criminals from engaging in behavior that is motivated by “hate”. Such a policy has set an intentionally ambiguous threshold for prosecution that can be taken advantage of by the politically savvy in order to intimidate, persecute and extort dissenters and others. The Smollett Hoax (an excellent title for a book and documentary I will produce, sell and collect royalties for) is a perfect example of this.

Eddie T. Johnson, Chicago police superintendent, revealed that Smollett concocted the falsehood because he was “dissatisfied with his salary” on the Fox television show Empire. In other words, Smollett foreknew that the media would generally be sympathetic to his so-called plight. He would then use that extensive coverage – understanding that the press would peddle the “gay martyr” narrative and not the true story – to demand an increase in his pay, privately first, and then, if Fox didn’t acquiesce, publicly. Only, Smollett’s plan didn’t go according to plan.

To further prove my point, this particular hate crime hoax isn’t an isolated incident. Consider some well publicized cases of the aforesaid: Tawana Brawley’s false accusations, the Duke Lacrosse team being wrongfully accused of rape (not surprisingly, Al Sharpton, demagogue and defamer par excellence, was at the center of both swindles) and how drug dealer and pedophile Matthew Shepherd was supposedly killed in a murderous act of “homophobia”.

More hate crimes bamboozles:

  • A black seven-year-old was shot and killed in Houston, supposedly by a white supremacist. The gunman turned out to be a black man.
  • A swastika, “KKK” and “nigger” were spray painted on the walls of Goucher College in Maryland. It was found that a black lacrosse player perpetrated the entire incident to make himself and others appear like victims of a hate crime.
  • The president of an Ohio University LGBTQ Commission received three threating messages. It was later discovered that she left the messages herself.
  • A Long Island, woman claimed to have had her tires slashed by a group of Trump supporters. They also left a note on her car that read “Go Home”. In truth, she wrote the note herself and fabricated the incident.

Mind you, the aforementioned list only includes incidents that have occurred within the past two to three months. I encourage the reader to visit www.fakehatecrimes.org to peruse the ever-expanding list.

As proven, the “hate crime” designation is routinely taken advantage of by fame seekers, slanderers and extortionists to achieve a desired result. It should be stricken from the law. The discovery of motive has always been threshold enough to prosecute true crimes, such as murder, abuse and the like. However, since there isn’t enough real “hate” to go around and produce imaginary victims, it’s always best to artificially create a new type of crime and fake incidents to go along with it.

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