Sermon: Christian Love vs Secular Love

Description: We return to Titus 2 in order to examine the differences between how Christianity defines love and how sinners define love. In essence, Christian love is superior because it is God personified. Secular “love” is hedonism repackaged. In this message we detail how it is imperative to reject the world’s redefinition of love and put godly love into practice.

Jesus Christ: A Grand Mirror

Who, in their right mind, would eschew being praised by the public? Why wouldn’t a person desire to be lauded and applauded by the masses – even if it meant sacrificing one’s soul? This is one of the central themes promoted by secular culture. It’s most visible personalities routinely demonstrate this “morality on the sacrificial altar for fame” mentality. Why is it that Christians, who are called to adopt a more sublime mindset, fall for the trap?

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Conservatism Inc. tries to Pour Cold Water on Alabama’s Move to Save the Unborn

I, like many other Americans, am gleeful that Alabama, Georgia and other states are passing legislation that prohibits infanticide. (In my estimation, Alabama’s law is most ideal.) The outright holocaust of more than 60 million unborn since the unconstitutional and paganistic Roe v. Wade decision has been and continues to be a stain on our country. Like slavery, it ought to be abolished forever.

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Sermon: Defending Against Malicious Charges of Hypocrisy

Description: Ever notice that when a Christian denounces the exaltation of evil by sinners, he is usually branded as a hypocrite and a non-follower of Christ? In this sermon, we demonstrate these diatribes are nothing more than vicious slanders meant to distract from the true hypocrisy – that of the sinners who make such a charge. This message is also an aid, meant to help Christians defend the Gospel message, Christ’s character, the Bible and their own character against the attacks levelled by secularists.

Podcast: When Sinners Makes Arguments that Christians Should be Making

Description: Sarahi, my wife, is joining me during this podcast episode to talk about one of the most tragic ironies: sinners making arguments that Christians should be making. We use an article written by an apparently repentant advocate for fornication as an example of this and as an exhortation to Biblical Christians to think more profoundly about why the Bible calls believers to live differently from sinners and the secular world – all with the intent of holy living and more effectively communicating Gospel truth.

When Conservatives Unjustifiably Rebuke Biblical Christians

The reader may or may not know the name Israel Folau. I certainly didn’t until a few days ago. He’s a professional rugby player who’s suddenly been deemed unfit for employment. His violation? He posted a message for adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, atheists and the like through his Instagram account: repent, believe in Christ and be saved from Hellfire. If the reader is well versed in the modern socio-political scene, he will accurately presume that such a message wasn’t well received by the militant-homo-lobby and its vanguard. However, what if I were to tell you, dear reader, that another unexpected group also proceeded to rebuke Folau for simply communicating Biblical Truth – namely, conservatives – would you believe me?

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