Podcast: How Atheists Use Misdirection in a Futile Attempt to Discredit Christianity pt.1

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Description: I was made aware of the video published by “CosmicSkeptic” (real name, Alex O’Connor) in which he criticizes Dennis Prager’s introductory video on a series covering the 10 Commandments, featured on Prager U’s channel. As I analyzed the content, I realized that O’Connor’s comments constituted a perfect showcase of the malicious tactics employed by atheists to give the impression that they are substantively discrediting Biblical Christianity. In the episode I dissect those tactics by examining the criticisms launched by the channel’s owner against Prager’s short presentation on the 10 Commandments. I believe the listener will find a steady diet of decontextualizations, misdirections, straw man arguments and the like.

How to Debate False Teachers Pt.2

Some time ago I published the beginnings of an exchange between myself and a local pastor who’s individual’s Facebook post sought to normalize the idea that the Christian ought to self-censor the truth and refrain from joining a “faction in defense of an ideal”. To Biblical Christians who are familiar with Jesus’ character and teachings, such notions are not only ridiculous but an affront to Christ and his commands.

I promised at the end of that article to publish the subsequent debate with the intention of demonstrating to the brethren who wish to confront the demagogues in our midst what they ought to expect when doing so. Continue reading

How to Debate False Teachers

It is a rather atrocious sight, the amount of false teachers and the seditious lies they propagate from various pulpits. Worse still are the amounts of congregants who consume their untheological and illogical ramblings, disguised as profound spirituality and philosophy. Therein lies an essential aspect of the Biblical Christian’s mission: to correct those falsehoods and denounce the messengers which advance them for the sake of helping those who come in contact with the lies they advance.

It was with this attitude that I recently proceeded to write a pointed rebuttal to a series of Facebook posts published by an individual I personally knew, a man whom years ago abruptly left the church my father shepherds due to marital infidelity (so as to evade church discipline), only to resurface some time later as an “ordained minister” and head of a small congregation in the state where I reside. Continue reading