Afghanistan Hearts Trump

It’s almost as if one could foretell what the outcome would be weeks before the announcement was made – Trump would continue the failed policies of the previous administrations regarding Afghanistan. Apparently, the aptly named “swamp” that Trump vociferously claimed he would drain has drained him of any constancy with regards to policy promises. Maybe Steve Bannon wasn’t speaking hyperbolically when he stated that the Trump presidency many voted for was effectively “over”. Continue reading

The Newest Weapon Against ISIS: Wild Boars

Nay, dear reader, you are not misreading the title and it isn’t “fake news”. The Times, a British periodical, has just reported that a pack of wild boars mauled ISIS militants who were hiding in the mountains of Hamrin, approximately 55 miles outside of Kirkuk. 3 died and 5 were injured in the “attacks”.

Considering that Muslims are prohibited by Sharia Law to consume pork and commanded to eat halal meat instead, this incident constitutes a high level of hilarity and irony. Yet, it also provides the US a wonderful opportunity to significantly alter its policy towards combating what Obama demagogically and pigheadedly (pun intended) called “the JV team”. Continue reading