How to Disturb Your Own Peace

As I write this, I find myself sitting in a barbershop and with a headache that is only compounding with each passing second. Not to be mistaken, I am not here to be barbered. As evidenced by my mug shot above, I hack my own face and scalp. (I’ve been shaving my head since the age of 16. Thanks, receding hairline!) No, I’m here waiting for my son’s hair to be cut to 1950s specifications – the ever-elegant, timeless executive contour. Continue reading

The Key to Simple Christian Living

I always find it enjoyable to be around Christians who are simple people. Their character is uncluttered and free from the influence of boorish secular society. It is evidenced by their enduring joy, peace, sincerity, encouraging outlook in life and unwavering devotion to the Lord.

These pleasant individuals ought to inspire other believers whom are complicated characters to ask why and how they are how they are. Allow me to explain what I mean by “complicated.” Continue reading