Are You the Product of Your Decisions or of Your Neurons?

Has the reader ever heard the following declarations or their variants?

“A seventeen-year-old criminal cannot be judged as an adult because his brain isn’t fully developed yet.”

“The child has ADHD. He’s too active.”

”This ethnic group’s IQ levels are below the national average. Hence, it’s to be expected that, generally speaking, they will conduct themselves in such an illogical and barbarous manner.”

“Free will is an illusion ingrained in us all by evolution.”

“Mental disorders are neurological in nature. Chemical imbalances are the cause of behavior deficiencies.”

These and similar notions are different faces of the same pernicious idea – materialism. This concept is demeaning and rejects the ultimate reality of the human essence because it reduces all activity to purely physical processes, including thoughts, emotions and character. The creed’s main goal is to dismiss the Biblical God as the Principal Cause of all and discount His revelation about our origins and makeup.

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A Bible Designed to Incite a New Reformation?

Two days ago I was forwarded a link by my precious mother, sent to her by a Christian publishing house. In said email they advertise a new Bible translation titled The New Reformation Bible (a Spanish language exclusive). The promotional material brags of its superiority (as they all do), which includes the following lines:

A Reformation to Transform the Modern Age…Celebrating 500 years of the Reformation, God’s Word challenges us unto faith and unto a commitment towards a revival of our nations… [This Bible] doesn’t look towards the past but towards the future. It’s based on the virtues of the 1517 Reformation but it desires to extend itself with the intention of creating a new reformation…It offers the best resources of Biblical exegesis and exposition along with support from the latest discoveries from the humanities, including sociology, psychology, anthropology…” Continue reading