Why Wearing a Bow Tie is an Act of Rebellion

For me, sporting a bow tie to Sunday services has been a recent development. I find myself enjoying the traditional neckwear, which some consider to be ostentatious and indicative of the pomposity of its wearer.

I believe it imperative to explain to the reader why this misconception is based on faulty, socially inspired assumptions and why those that criticize it suffer from an ill they do not recognize in themselves – the profanation of the sacred. It is with some authority that yours truly writes on the subject, due to the fact that I suffered from the same delusion. Hopefully, my story will encourage a change in the thinking of readers who are bow tie averse (or despise any kind of formalwear) and induce in them an appreciation for overall decorum. Continue reading

Modern Masculinity is Vain

Many websites and organizations have propped up during the past few years purporting to reintroduce contemporary men to the characteristics of what makes men men – masculinity. I wish that the development would be a cause to celebrate, especially in the midst of toxic, pagan feminism. However, being that modernity is purely secular and attempts to define everything away from how God created us, don’t expect a glaring review of the situation from yours truly. Continue reading